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Financial Services


With the nation’s largest privately-held bank holding company, First National Bank of Nebraska, and three Fortune 1000 financial services companies; Berkshire Hathaway, Mutual of Omaha and TD Ameritrade, Greater Omaha's financial services cluster has one of the highest densities in the country. These companies have grown here because of the excellent climate for financial services companies in our community.

  • There are more than 41,000 people in Greater Omaha employed in Financial Activities with more than 50,000 employed within a 60-minute drive. In fact, financial services employees make up approximately 8.9 percent of the local workforce.
  • Insurance companies benefit from Nebraska’s relatively low taxes, superior regulatory environment and proactive legislature; Nebraska’s current premium tax rate is 0.5 percent for Accident and Health policies written within the state, and 1.0 percent for all other policies written within the state.
  • Greater Omaha’s significant banking presence is supplemented by venture capital companies, investment banks and trading organizations. Recently, Omaha’s pro-business environment has resulted in successfully attracting large insurance companies to the city such as Aflac, Pacific Life, West Coast Life and Fidelity National Title Group, Inc.
  • World renowned payment operations, such as PayPal and First Data, benefit from cutting edge technology needed to manage back end systems.
  • First National Bank of Nebraska, the largest privately-owned bank in the U.S., is headquartered in Nebraska, as are Berkshire Hathaway and Mutual of Omaha, two financial services industry leaders.


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