Greater Omaha Economic Development Partnership


With the Greater Omaha Chamber as a catalyst, Greater Omaha’s most historic communities are steadily being refreshed and revitalized. The evidence — and the energy — are unmistakable. Throughout Midtown, North and South Omaha, new investment is flowing; community stakeholders and residents are engaging; and the quality of life is improving.

For almost a decade, the Chamber has played a key leadership role in returning east Omaha to prominence. With public-private partnerships as the foundation, three distinct yet synergistic master plans were created and implemented to guide the redevelopment of Midtown, North and South Omaha:

Those plans have facilitated neighborhood revitalization and transportation and corridor enhancements. A number of successes have been realized over the years, including new business attraction and existing businesses being retained and expanded. Community development efforts include coordination of workforce development initiatives, facilitating capital investments, advocating for balanced transportation and infrastructure improvements, and creating and implementing branding, communications and marketing strategies.

Skilled staff work across study area boundaries on key projects within North, South and Midtown Omaha. In addition to the roughly 20 volunteers who assist with project implementation, our team includes:

In 2012 our focus includes:

  • driving catalyst redevelopment projects in the 30th and Sorensen, Gifford Park, Vinton Street and Park Avenue/Leavenworth District neighborhoods
  • site development for future major employer attraction in North and South Omaha
  • assistance for businesses looking to expand or locate in east Omaha, including mentoring, site selection, facilitating connections and other forms of technical assistance
  • researching and developing financing mechanisms and organizational structures that address redevelopment challenges such as mixed-use, housing, industrial and commercial development.

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